A little about me

My name’s Tom, and I’m the guy who is absolutely stoked to make a real nice film of your special day!

My love of shooting and editing began when I was just a kid. Along with a few friends, I started throwing together surf clips, comedy skits and everything in between. Honestly, at the time it was something that I never really considered to be a future career. Making videos was always just that fun thing that fanned my creative flame.   

But several years and an engineering degree later (as well as a growing disdain for the 9-5 gig I was in), I came to an important realisation; for all that had come and gone, my love and dedication of videography remained steadfast. It was now more than just fun.

I’d dipped my toes in the likes of music, fashion and corporate film. Learning how to effortlessly move between genres and create video that was as natural as possible. I was crafting film I was really proud of.

It wasn’t until a friend asked me to film their wedding that I discovered what my priority in video needed to be. I had an absolute blast, and have continued to do so since, literally getting to be a part of one of the most exciting days in someone's life. Capturing immortal moments and bundling them into short films. Allowing couples to laugh, cry and to relive declarations of love is hands down one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavours I’ve had the privilege of being part of.

So, what will you get from me? The sole aim of real nice films is to weave seamlessly into your wedding. I absolutely believe that your big day should be first and foremost a fun filled celebration of your love, spent with your friends and family. This is not achieved by the interference of big Hollywood vision, direction or large, clunky equipment. But through simply capturing what’s most natural; being silly, dancing laughing with those closest to you; therein lies what’s most beautiful and what makes a real nice film.